Andy XXL vs Max Duro
The old rundown tyre buildings in Berlin are the scene of many photo sessions. Photographers from all over the world come to the capital to photograph their models there. Max Duro is one such model. Bald, thick, pitch black beard and a muscled body. No wonder that the photographer AndyXXL's leather trousers quickly get too tight. His cock wants to get out of jail! Max makes the start and fumbles his cock out of its Jockstrap. Andy goes over for a frontal assault and pushes the pig on his knees. He slaps him on his ass and then pulls his baton out of the bracket and plays with his ass. Firmly he presses the black rubber against the supple ass cunt. Max is meanwhile busy sinking the fat device in his throat. Change of position. Andy throws the balding model over a buck and now goes harder with the baton. He rips Max's ass lips and finally shoves his cock into the open cunt. Every thrust claps his muscular pelvis against the hairy butt. Max moans from the soul - so much it takes the possession of him. But Andy's not finished with him. He pulls him back on his knees, puts his cock in and keeps fucking. Then he gets fucked further. Standing, leaning over the window outside and riding so that Andy's steel hard cock hammers even deeper into the wildly-worded ass cunt. Screaming, Max finally squirts his sperm charge. And Andy shoots the greasy juice deep into his mouth.

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